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Intergrated Power Management System (I-PMS)


3IC I-PMS (Integrated Power Management System) performs the function of integrated operation and management for multiple PMSs covering multiple ESS sets. The system makes Control/Grid Center EMS to communicate with single IPMS instead of multiple PMSs when multi-vendor ESS sets are installed in the Electric Power Plant.


  • Different vendors' PCS & PMS can be implemented and operated as they are without modification, and communicated with upper EMS via I-PMS as if they are sigle vendor's single ESS set.
  • IPMS software shall be be installed on Industrial Server which can be accommodated in the EMS-RTU panel.
  • IPMS shall be directly connected to Operataor workstation which shall be installed in the MCR in order to make operator to perform remote ESS operatorz & control and status monitoring.